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Who We Are

What are Local Immigration Partnerships?

Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) are funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to develop and implement plans to improve immigrant and refugee settlement and integration. LIPs are community planning tables that include community agencies and institutions representing local government, settlement and community agencies, education, business, parks, recreation and culture, policing, libraries, volunteerism, and others.

Since 2008, LIPs in Canada convene to support community-level research and planning to create more welcoming and inclusive communities where newcomers are connected and have opportunities to participate economically, socially, politically, and culturally.

Currently there are 86 LIPs across Canada and about 18 in BC. In April 2020, Langley Community Services Society received five-year funding to establish and coordinate the Langley LIP, one of the country’s newest LIPs. The Langley LIP work is guided by a core LIP Membership Council, and a 12+ member Immigrant Advisory Council. These two committees are supported by four Working Groups.

Working Groups:

  1. Ensuring Settlement Success
  2. Building Belonging
  3. Developing Community Capacity
  4. Supporting Meaningful Employment

If you are interested in becoming involved as a member of the LIP, the Immigrant Advisory Council or any of these working groups, please contact Ana Marie, Langley LIP Coordinator by phone: 236-427-4830 or by email:


What is the Vision and Mission of the Langley LIP?


Langley LIP Vision

Langley is a truly welcoming and inclusive community where everyone belongs.


Langley LIP Mission

The Langley LIP fosters belonging and inclusion through the development of collaborative relationships, responsive approaches, and practical resources to respond to the changing needs of Langley and all its citizens.


Langley LIP Motto

You belong in Langley.



What will the Langley LIP do?

The Langley LIP will work to prepare the community to truly welcome and include new immigrants and refugees. The LIP will do this by:

  • enhancing stakeholder and community knowledge of the contributions and assets newcomers bring and the challenges they face.
  • identifying and sharing current immigrant and refugee needs and service gaps.
  • coordinating program and service delivery to avoid duplication of efforts and to fill service gaps.
  • assisting all stakeholders to adapt programming, processes and policies to better meet the needs of our newest residents and to ensure successful integration and inclusion within the community

It is important to note that LIPs do not provide services to newcomers; supporting immigrant and refugee to settle in the community is the work of immigrant and other community service providers.

How do I become involved?

To learn more about the work of the Langley LIP and how to become involved, contact

Ana Marie Panczel
Program Coordinator or at 236-427-4830