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‘World’s Largest Sculptured Acoustic Anvil’ found new home in Fort Langley

March 23, 2024

Possibly the world’s largest sculptured acoustic anvil – still to be decided by Guinness World Records – has found its new home outside the BC Farm Museum in Fort Langley.

On Wednesday, March 13, George Third and Son employees delivered the anvil and carefully placed it outside the museum just beside the sign.

Syd Pickerell, member and volunteer of the museum, shared his gratitude with Rob Third, son of George, for organizing the delivery.

Moving the anvil was a spontaneous decision made last June, Pickerell said, when it had come up and Rob offered it to the museum.

“I [asked], ‘how we are going to get it out here, it’s 14,000 lbs?’ And he said, ‘we’ll look after everything, don’t worry.’ And he did,” Pickerell shared.

The anvil is hollow and made of steel, a solar panel, and some electrical components. When working, the anvil emits the faint sound of the ocean through the spiral sound hole.

It was designed by artist Maskull Lasserre in 2018 as part of an art display for Vancouver Biennale, which it resided in False Creek for two years before it was brought to Burnaby.