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Where to find your cultural community in Canada

May 15, 2024

For many newcomers to Canada, finding people of their own social and cultural background can be a huge consideration in settling in a new country.

Luckily, due to its ethic of multiculturalism, and emphasis on diversity, newcomers from all around the world can likely find members of their community in Canada.

Below is a profile of Canada’s most populous municipalities, including prominent ethnic groups, place of birth, immigrant status, breakdown of official languages spoken, and knowledge of languages. The largest cities from each province have been chosen, and data has been obtained from the Canadian 2021 National Census.

Vancouver is the province of British Columbia’s biggest city, and (along with Toronto and Montreal) one of Canada’s three biggest metropolitan areas. As of the 2021 census, Vancouver was home to 662,248 residents.

Immigrant Status

Vancouver’s population consists of: