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Township of Langley Partnership to Improve Flood Resilience

April 25, 2024

The Township of Langley, in partnership with the Kwantlen First Nation and Rivershed Society of BC, is working on a multi-phase project that includes upgrading water infrastructure and adding pumping capacity to manage flooding in the area. These upgrades will improve water flow and storage, increasing the flood resiliency of the community and allowing agricultural producers to continue to grow food.

“This initiative will strengthen the Township of Langley’s flood resilience by upgrading pumps and water infrastructure,” said Eric Woodward, mayor, Township of Langley. “By improving flood-control systems, we’re also taking a significant step toward long-term food security for our community. We are pleased to partner on this collaborative effort with both the Kwantlen First Nation and Rivershed Society of BC.”

The project will include repairing dike banks, replacing culverts and improving some of the ditch networks, as well as installing additional pumping capacity at the Salmon River Pump Station. The project will also replace existing pumps at Salmon River with fish-friendly ones that can run throughout the year. This will improve fish passage and water quality, helping salmon populations in the river.