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Toll-free Racist Incident Helpline ready to provide support

May 31, 2024

People in B.C. who witness or experience a racist incident can now call a new helpline to receive trauma-informed, culturally appropriate support in more than 240 languages.

The Racist Incident Helpline is a toll-free, accessible service established in partnership with United Way BC 211. The helpline was created for people who have been subjected to discrimination based on the colour of their skin, culture, ethnicity or place of origin.

Callers will receive support and guidance, which could include referrals to local community support services, such as counselling or help with reporting to law enforcement.

“Hate incidents are deeply traumatic to victims,” said Niki Sharma, Attorney General. “This helpline opens up new avenues to access supports that matches peoples’ unique needs, whether that means help pursuing legal outcomes or feeling less alone by having someone to talk to.”

Callers will be asked to provide a description of the incident and where it occurred, and whether they would like to disclose basic demographic information.