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The lesser-known benefits of being a Canadian permanent resident

February 29, 2024

For many newcomers the ability to become a permanent resident (PR) of Canada is one of the most attractive aspects of moving to the country. Permanent residence status gives individuals the ability to reside in Canada, and to study, work, and live as they wish (within the bounds of the law).

However, there are also several benefits to attaining PR that many newcomers may not be aware of, including easier access to all kinds of education, employment, and support opportunities. While these are often not the sole reasons that one immigrates to Canada, they can be hugely beneficial to new immigrants looking to start a new life in the country.

Huge reduction in education costs
A huge advantage that new PRs can look forward to is a significant reduction in educational costs. As a PR, immigrants can access Canadian higher education at the same rates as Canadian citizens. In comparing domestic and international student fees, this can yield huge reductions in tuition—sometimes as much as 6X—at both the graduate and undergraduate level.

In addition to a huge reduction in fees, new PRs (who are formally considered domestic students under Canadian law), are able to access far more financial aid options, including federal and provincial loans, scholarships and bursaries.