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Langley Literacy Network Reading Buddies

May 17, 2024

Reading Buddies is an initiative that pairs different grade-level students for community reading time, outside of school hours. A Grade 10, 11 or 12 student buddies up with a Grade 2, 3 or 4 student to practice reading.

Our Reading Buddies program is offered in-person to ALL eligible students in the Langley School District.

The benefits are profound. Reading Buddies allows younger readers to see what being fluent looks like as they have a peer model demonstrating reading skills; they can also acquire a positive role model with some intentional pairing. The older students develop social and emotional skills like patience and empathy as they work with their little buddies.

This program of cooperative learning is a great way to build community outside of  school and to promote reading, which are goals for nearly every school and  community.

Powerful moments of connection can happen, and social and emotional lessons are inevitable. These are some wonderful outcomes, all from just sharing a book.