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How to foster collaboration in a multi-generational workforce

May 30, 2024

A primary indicator of organizational success is collaboration in the workplace. When people work together they are engaged better and report higher success levels.  Especially when one brings multi-generational teams to collaborate, the company can record a high level of productivity and success.

By leveraging the enthusiasm of younger members and harnessing the wisdom of senior staff, the team is better equipped to achieve the organizational mission, accomplish goals and be happier while doing it. Here are five proven ways to effectively build a collaborative workforce when working with multigenerational teams.

1. Celebrate individual perspectives

Effectively working together with everyone begins by understanding the differences that shape people’s individual perspectives and the subsequent behaviours. This enables everyone to gain absolute clarity around the same perspectives. And eventually adapt your communication style to match that of each member in the multi-generational force.

The authority and wisdom of baby boomers, the contemporary, strategic insights of millennials, the technological competence of Gen X and the autonomy of Gen Z can create a productive dynamic.  When we learn about their individual differences, we are also able to appreciate individual strengths and avoid making wrong assumptions. The ability to put together this diverse team greatly contributes to the organization’s strengths and delivers multiple benefits.