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Facilitating integration of newcomer youth

February 15, 2024

Canada has far to go in providing adequate support to newcomer youth to ensure their success in the country.

Ethiopian-born Abbas Kidane was mindful of the linguistic constraints and cultural challenges he would face when he landed in Canadas a refugee three years ago. The 26-year-old focused on the improved quality of life that awaited him, and diligently sought opportunities to pursue post-secondary education in business administration.

“I had some concerns before making the move, especially regarding language barriers. However, I was cognizant of Canada’s reputation as an immigrant-friendly nation with a commitment to addressing the needs of newcomers,” Kidane says.

Obtaining permanent residence status in Canada was a journey that spanned more than a year for him. Currently enrolled as a business administration student at the University of Toronto, Kidane credits the assistance and guidance he received from friends within his community for leading him to settlement agencies.

“I learned that settlement agencies offer language classes and leadership training, so I enrolled in one,” he says. “Not only did that give me confidence, but I also gained a clear understanding of the cultural aspects of Canadian society. It was under their guidance that I embarked on my pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in business administration.”