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Companies recognized for promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace

August 25, 2023

By Canadian Immigrant Magazine |

The 2023 list of  5-Star Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Employers has been announced by Human Resources Director Canada, a publication focusing on topics relevant to HR professionals.  The awards recognize Canadian companies successfully fostering healthy, diverse and inclusive working environments.

Embedding DE&I successfully allows the 5-Star employers reap measurable rewards, according to industry expert Kelly E. Mawhinney, partner and Toronto careers leader at Mercer Canada. These rewards include increased employee engagement and trust, a greater sense of belonging that empowers employees to thrive, a stronger corporate brand and access to larger talent pools.

“These employers become more resilient and adaptive,” Mawhinney says. “Because of the DE&I initiatives they’ve undertaken, they become better at attracting and retaining resources, and foster innovation to build their business and expand their customer base.”

To determine the organizations with the most effective DE&I programs, employers were invited to submit a form to explain their diversity and inclusion initiatives and practices. Next, employees from nominated companies were asked to fill out an anonymous form evaluating their workplace on a number of metrics.

To be considered, the organizations, ranging from technology firms to insurance companies, had to gather a minimum number of employee responses based on overall size. Organizations that achieved an 80 percent or greater average satisfaction rating from employees were named 5-Star Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Employers for 2023.

Meet the 5-Star Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Employers and learn about factors driving favourable DE&I results.

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