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Anti-racism roundtable brings voices together

June 12, 2023

By BC Gov News |

More than 30 students, representatives of community organizations, and Indigenous and education partners participated in the fourth community roundtable on anti-racism in education to discuss the K-12 Anti-Racism Action Plan and work to address racism in education.

“We are striving to create an anti-racist education system where everyone feels represented, respected and hopeful for their future,” said Rachna Singh, Minister of Education and Child Care. “Every student, regardless of race, ethnicity or faith deserves equal opportunities in our schools. We will continue to listen and learn from those with lived and living experiences of racism to guide our work and create inclusive school spaces.”

The roundtable included breakout sessions and opportunities for participants to share their stories and provide feedback. The agenda included school districts sharing anti-racism initiatives and reflections for the next steps of the K-12 Anti-Racism Action Plan.

“We all deserve to live in a province where we have equal opportunities to thrive,” said Mable Elmore, Parliamentary Secretary for Anti-Racism Initiatives. “But racism and discrimination can harm even the youngest people and the impacts can last a lifetime. That’s why we’re working to address systemic racism and discrimination in schools, so that all young people can get the best possible start in life.”

The K-12 Anti-Racism Action Plan, released in January 2023, supports school districts in their commitment to have anti-racism initiatives in school communities. The aim of the action plan is to empower students and educators to identify and take action against racism and discrimination in B.C. schools by raising awareness and creating resources to improve the school experience for racialized students, staff and families. Singh attended the launch of the action plan in Kamloops with almost 200 secondary students who discussed how to better address racism in their schools.

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