The Langley Local Immigration Partnership

Engage, consult, plan, and welcome communities

The Langley Local Immigration Partnership is one of more than 60 Immigration Partnerships in Canada. With funding from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, the Langley LIP

was established in April 2020 to bring community leaders together to develop and implement a plan to improve immigrant and refugee settlement and integration in the City and the Township of Langley

Langley LIP Goals

Through comprehensive research and community consultation, and planning, the Langley LIP will develop a community strategic plan to achieve these six goals.

Ultimately, all residents, regardless of background and length of time in Canada, will feel welcomed, and included and hold a sense of belonging and attachment to Langley.

Learn more about our strategic planning process and our priorities.


Awareness of Challenges
Awareness of Contributions
Engagement, Collaboration & Planning
Increased Capacity & Responsiveness
Recognition and Celebration
Connection & Inclusion

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