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You can now submit proof of Canadian citizenship applications online

November 12, 2021

By CIC News |

Using the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) online portal, you can submit your application, pay the fees, and send any supporting documents.

There are three actions you can take with the new portal:

You can apply online for a proof of citizenship if your Canadian parent was:

The government has an online tool that allows you to see if you are eligible to apply online. If so, you will be prompted to create an account, or login with an existing one. You will also need an account if you are requesting your own records. If you are requesting someone else’s records, you have to make the request on paper.

IRCC says in a media release the applications will save time for those making requests from outside Canada and the U.S. You no longer need to go in person to an embassy or high commission to submit these applications— but you can if you want to.

The Canadian government will still accept and process paper applications. If you already submitted a paper application, IRCC says not to complete an online application for the same request.

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