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Scam emails, donation fraud surge in Canada as Ukraine crisis continues

March 4, 2022

By Langley Advance Times |

Cyber security experts are cautioning Canadians before they donate to the crisis in Ukraine with scammers taking advantage of the crisis already on the rise.

Robert Falzon, head of engineering at Canadian cybersecurity firm Check Point, has been following the increase of cyber attacks since the beginning of the invasion.

“It’s becoming much harder for us to expect somebody without technical training to identify these types of attacks because they’re becoming much more sophisticated,” said Falzon.

As Canadians open up their hearts and their wallets during a time of need, they also need to be mindful about where their money and information is going.

What to look out for

Phishing emails are a common practice among scammers, which involves tricking users into clicking on a link, sending personal information or opening an attachment.

Falzon said that one of the most common techniques used in phishing emails are fake domains – often changed by one or two letters and difficult to notice. For example, instead of the email address, a phishing email may use

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Look for unusual attachments as well, said Falzon, as a common goal of phishing emails is to trick the recipient into downloading and running attached malware on their computer. Falzon urged people to not click on these attachments.

Incorrect grammar and tone is another bad sign in phishing emails, he said.

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