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Richmond-based organization aims to help skilled immigrants shatter career limits

July 30, 2021

Canada sees immigration as a priority to help the economy recover from the pandemic, but barriers still remain to keep skilled immigrants away from career advancement.

A Richmond-based organization aims to bridge that gap by launching a 17-week, free full-time training program for immigrants this summer.

Anna Price, manager of Back in Motion’s career path for skilled immigrants program, said the training session – fully funded by the provincial government – is aimed at preparing skilled immigrants to find sustainable, high wage opportunities in the growing cybersecurity sector.

“Some immigrants came to Canada with a bachelor, master’s degree or PHD, but they faced some challenges to find the most appropriate job opportunities which fit their talents and skill sets,” said Price.

“It could be they don’t have licensed qualifications recognized by the Canadian companies or they just need a bit of financial kick to help them get back on track,”

“Our program aims to help skilled immigrants to get back to their original profession and be successful through utilizing their original skill sets.”

Price, an immigrant herself, said she understands the struggles most immigrants have experienced during the job-hunting process.

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