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Prince Edward Island Seeing More Success With Immigrant Retention

January 26, 2022

By CIC News |

Canada immigration news: Prince Edward Island is fighting back against the perception that immigrants do not stay in the Atlantic Canadian province.

A Statistics Canada report indicates Prince Edward Island had the lowest level of immigrant retention in the country in 2019.

That means that of all the provinces with immigrants who arrived in 2014, Prince Edward Island had managed to retain the smallest percentage of them five years later, with only 28.1 per cent of them choosing to remain in the province.

Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta Boast Top Immigrant Retention
The provinces who are tops in retaining immigrants are Ontario, with a 93.7 per cent five-year retention rate, British Columbia at 89.7 per cent, and Alberta at 89 per cent.

A month after that Statistics Canada data was released, though, Island immigration officials are claiming it paints an inaccurate picture of immigration to Prince Edward Island.

“When you’re looking at that five-year retention rate you are looking at programs that, in some cases, don’t even exist anymore,” Jeff Young, director at the province’s Office of Immigration, reportedly told the CBC.

The immigration official notes that Prince Edward Island has made many changes to its immigration programs over the years and the economic programs now in place have a much-higher retention rate.

“We’re focusing on helping employers fill labour gaps, labour shortages. Our programs are helping employers meet those labour shortages,” he reportedly said.

Certainly, there have been changes to immigration programs in Atlantic Canada in the eight years since 2014.

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