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Preserving culture and tradition is possible in interracial marriages, couples say

May 21, 2021

May is Asian Heritage Month. Boldly Asian is a CBC Toronto series shining a light on GTA changemakers who are pushing boundaries within their Asian Canadian communities and beyond.

Making a mixed marriage work takes effort, but many interracial couples in the GTA say it is always rewarding.

Just ask Michelle Jobin and Tobias Wang.

Wang is Taiwanese-Canadian and Jobin was born and raised in Canada. Jobin says it’s always been important to her to integrate Wang’s cultural heritage into their union and in their child’s life.

But for Wang, his cultural identity wasn’t always something he wanted to emphasize.

“When I moved here, I rebelled against my culture. It was like I don’t want anything to do with Chinese culture, because for me, it was hard,” Wang said. “So I adopted the North American culture as fast as I could.”

It wasn’t until they had their son, Archer, that his outlook changed.

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