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IRCC’s immigrant settlement funding by province/territory for 2021-22

October 9, 2021

An internal memo reveals how IRCC is spending its $1.7 billion settlement budget during the 2021-22 Canadian government fiscal year (April 1 until March 31).

CIC News obtained the memo via an access to information request to the Canadian government.

One of the more noteworthy aspects of the memo is how the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) plans to distribute the funds across the country. IRCC used to reveal this information publicly on its website each year but stopped the practice a decade ago, in 2011.

The memo was signed and approved by Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino.

IRCC is the largest funder of immigrant settlement and integration services in Canada. Each year, it provides funding to approved service provider organizations, and the province of Quebec, to administer services to newcomers. Services are available to permanent residents, as well as protected persons (i.e., successful refugee claimants), and those who have been approved for permanent residence.

What are immigrant settlement services?
Services entail the likes of employment supports, English and French language training, mentorship, and other supports that help newcomers succeed in Canada. Service provider organizations are typically non-profits that exist to help newcomers, but they are also other forms of organizations (e.g., educational institutions and private businesses) that get approval from IRCC to deliver settlement programs to new immigrants (at no cost to newcomers). IRCC also provides Quebec with a separate grant which the provincial government uses to administer settlement services.

IRCC settlement funding by province and territory

The memo shows that Mendicino approved the following 2021-22 allocation by province and territory (except Quebec). Note that all figures are rounded and also include spending projections obtained from IRCC’s publicly available 2021-2022 departmental plan:

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