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International Experience Canada to increase program capacity by 20%

December 4, 2022

By CIC News |

Canada’s government will be expanding the applicant pool for the upcoming year of its International Experience Canada (IEC) program. They announced a program opening date of January 9, 2023, at a press conference in Banff, Alberta today.

The IEC program allows youth between the ages of 18 and 35 years living in any of Canada’s 36 partnering countries to work and travel for up to two years in this country, and vice versa. On January 9th, 2023, its application scale will increase by 20%, or nearly 15,000 additional spots. This will make it possible for “nearly 90,000 candidates … to work and travel in Canada, including Francophone youth, which will help employers fill labour gaps, including for seasonal work opportunities in Canada’s tourism industry.”

In the words of Immigration Minister Sean Fraser, “Our government is helping more international youth to work and travel in Canada, effectively helping employers, most of those in the tourism industry, find the workers they need. By giving youth the opportunity of international travel and work experience, we are strengthening our economy and helping our businesses succeed, particularly in places like Banff that need seasonal help.”

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