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How The Start-Up Visa Helps Canada Beat US On Attracting Immigrant Entrepreneurs

June 8, 2021

Canada immigration news: Leading American business magazine Forbes says Canada is doing a better job of attracting immigrant entrepreneurs than the United States, because of Ottawa’s Start-Up Visa program.

“While America has tried and failed to pass a Start-Up Visa geared toward immigrant entrepreneurs for years, Canada is one of two dozen countries, including the U.K. and Singapore, that have launched the idea and are now wooing them,” wrote Forbes senior editor Amy Feldman last week.

“Canada’s Start-Up Visa program began as a five-year pilot program in 2013, and was made permanent in 2018,” she wrote. “Since its launch, foreign entrepreneurs representing some 200 start-ups have become permanent residents there.

“Among its success stories: Edtech unicorn ApplyBoard, founded by brothers Martin, Massi and Meti Basiri, who moved from Iran to Canada for school, and who now employ more than 500 people.”


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