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Celebrate what it means to be Canadian during Citizenship Week

May 27, 2022

It’s Citizenship Week this week, from May 23 to 29, 2022.  During Citizenship Week, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada is asking Canadians across the country and around the world to show their pride in their history, culture, achievements and shared citizenship.

“This week is a chance to celebrate what it means to be Canadian — from the rights we enjoy, to the responsibilities we share, to the diversity that makes us a strong and proud nation,” said Immigration Minister Sean Fraser, in a statement to mark the start of Citizenship Week.

“For all of us, citizenship remains a commitment not only to Canada, but to our fellow Canadians. Whether volunteering for a community project, helping out a neighbour in need or welcoming newcomers to our country, I encourage all Canadians to look for ways to take part in building a strong, inclusive and prosperous Canada—this week and every week.”

Here are simple ways you can mark Citizenship Week.

Learn more about what citizenship means to new Canadians in these videos here.

Attend a video oath ceremony (virtual citizenship ceremony) live on Friday, May 27 at 12 pm Eastern time! Link here.

Learn more about Canadian identity and symbols and Indigenous peoples and cultures.

Click here to find more ways to celebrate!

In the short video below, Citizenship Judge Suzanne Carrière speaks of the importance of immigration, and of immigrants becoming Canadian citizens.