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Business Council of Canada says increased immigration is vital to Canada’s economy

July 13, 2022

By CIC News |

Canada works hard to position itself as an ideal home for the best and the brightest global talent across all industries.

The Business Council of Canada (BCC) recently released a report in which 80 Canadian businesses were surveyed about how they use Canada’s immigration programs to hire skilled workers. The businesses surveyed cumulatively employ over 1.6 million workers. Two thirds of companies surveyed say they recruit talent overseas using Canada’s immigration system. The remaining third hires immigrants who have already relocated to Canada.

Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan 2022-2024 looks to welcome over 450,000 new permanent residents per year by 2024. Canada offers a multitude of work permit and economic class immigration pathways.

High job vacancies and a growing labour shortage

Canada’s job vacancy rate is at all-time high. The country is facing a labour shortage that is bound to increase into 2030 when over nine million Canadians reach the retirement age of 65.

According to the BCC survey, all employers agree that Canada’s labour shortage is widespread, and they face real difficulty finding skilled workers across all industries. Labour shortages are particularly pronounced in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia.

Canada’s tech sector has been hit hardest by labour shortages as industry growth and demand is outpacing the number of skilled workers. Professions such as computer science, engineering and information tech are in high demand.

This has been an ongoing challenge for several years now. Based on the 2020 Express Entry annual report, candidates for permanent residency who had experience in these occupations were among the most likely to receive an invitation to apply (ITA).

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