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Bridging the benefits gap for a diverse workforce in 2022

March 16, 2022

By HR Reporter

The past few years forced us, and many other businesses, to rethink how we work by focusing on what needs to be done to empower a remote workforce. Understanding the current and evolving needs of Canadian employees amidst a global pandemic has been a major challenge for many organizations. The results: labour shortages, frustrated employees and a lack of mutual understanding between employers and their employees.

Even before the onset of the pandemic, many organizations were already struggling to offer personalized and flexible health benefits plans reflective of their employees’ health and wellness needs, and the economic shutdown from COVID-19 has only exacerbated the issue.

As an example, a survey we conducted, in collaboration with The Conference Board of Canada, found a gap of up to 83 per cent between the extended health benefits that Canadian employees currently have compared to what they expect to be provided from their employers.

The labour shortage also has business leaders deploying creative ways to attract new talent and prevent attrition. As a result, many are re-evaluating benefits offerings to make them more flexible with the goal of increasing engagement, and better supporting their diverse workforce.

To shed more light on this topic, I had the chance to moderate a discussion on behalf of TELUS Health at Evanta’s 2021 Toronto CHRO Virtual Executive Summit which allowed HR leaders to engage in a meaningful dialogue. The summit was a great forum for leaders to share key insights, trends, and learnings around Canada’s benefits landscape throughout the onset of COVID-19, as well as what this shifting landscape could look like moving into 2022.

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