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Anti-racism network launches new website

April 3, 2021

The Resilience BC Anti-Racism Network Is launching a new website that will provide extensive resources to help people who find themselves impacted by racism.

The Network, consisting of 36 members operating in more than 50 communities throughout B.C., including in Cranbrook and Canal Flats, sees a future free from racism and hate and is bringing communities together to do the hard work to make this vision a reality.

“This new website will give British Columbians the supports they need to quickly respond to racism, whether they are a witness or the victim of a hate crime,” said Rachna Singh, Parliamentary Secretary for Anti-Racism Initiatives. “The expanded resources section will also help people better understand what it means to be anti- racist, allowing them to stand alongside racialized communities as an ally against discrimination and hatred.”

The website features information about network member organizations and their work to eliminate racism and build inclusive communities. It also offers a wide range of resources to support understanding concepts of race and racism; knowing one’s rights and responsibilities under the B.C. Human Rights Code; taking action when one falls victim to or witnesses an incident of racism and hate; developing practical skills to stand up against racial prejudice on the streets or inequitable practices at work; to examining the roots of systemic racism and the history of Indigenous peoples in Canada.

The Resilience BC Hub, managed by the Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society (VIRCS), provides tailored supports to member organizations and leads the coordination of the provincial anti-racism network.

The launch of the new website coincides with the launch of the province’s anti-racism awareness campaign, which is encouraging British Columbians to take action against racism.

The Resilience BC Anti-Racism Network is funded by the Province of British Columbia and offers a province-wide approach to identifying and challenging racism.

Other provincial anti-racism initiatives underway include the creation of an Anti-Racism Act and legislation to allow the collection of race-based data to inform public policy decisions.

Resilience BC Anti-Racism Network