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Advantages for Immigrant Entrepreneurs From Canada’s Strong Start-Up Ecosystem

July 8, 2021

Canada is a great country for entrepreneurs looking for a place to set up a new business thanks to strong start-up ecosystem hubs in major Canadian cities, the latest Global Start-up Ecosystem Index Report reveals.

“Canada has massive potential,” states the report published by the start-up ecosystem think tank StartupBlink. “Considering the active approach by an efficient public sector to develop start-up ecosystems, and a relative abundance of resources, there is no reason Canadian start-up ecosystems should not take an even more substantial role in producing massive global hubs.

“For this to happen, there will have to be more Canadian start-ups with global impact.”

Foreign investors looking to create start-ups with such a global impact through Canada’s Start-Up Visa program can take comfort in knowing the country’s many advantages have it ranked in the top five countries in the world yet again this year for start-up ecosystems.

In the 2021 Global Start-up Ecosystem Index Report, Canada is again ranked fourth – and boasts more cities in the top 50 than most other countries with only two exceptions: the much larger United States and China.

“Canada is fortunate to have three cities in the top 50 globally, with the ecosystem of Montreal increasing three spots to rank 46th globally. Only the U.S. and China have more cities in the top 50 than Canada, showing the diversity of the nation’s strong global and regional hubs.”

Market-Oriented Economic System, High Standard of Living
In the education technology industry and energy and environmental technology sector, Canada ranks even higher, in third place globally.

The report is clear. The only thing Canada needs to become an even stronger player on the world stage when it comes to start-ups is to work harder to attract more “high-quality foreign talent.”

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