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Abuse survivors tell their stories at International Women’s Day event in Langley

March 11, 2022

By Langley Advance Times |

Tia Dawson didn’t think she was being abused because her husband didn’t hit her.

At the time, she was living in Aldergrove and working as a school principal.

“I came from an abusive home as a child,” Dawson recalled. “My dad was physically abusive. I thought that’s what abuse was.”

Dawson told her story publicly for the first time on Tuesday, March 8, at a Langley City event to mark International Women’s Day hosted by Langley’s Ishtar Women’s Resource Society, which operates shelters for abused women.

After years of emotional and financial abuse, Dawson was advised by a lawyer to take her three children and go to a transition house.

Dawson didn’t know what that was, so she looked it up online.

“I have two degrees and I found myself at Ishtar,” Dawson recounted.

“That’s when I found out about different forms of abuse. It doesn’t just happen to homeless people, to people of low economic status. It happens to everyone.”

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